“5 Litres”

Home Theater PC: The smallest Quad Core in the world

Synthetic glass case 20x20x12.5 cm

Minix J&W motherboard(mini ITX form factor) dedicated for HD reading

Video chipset HD ATI 3200 (1080p)

Optical 8 channels sound output(DTS, Dolby 5.1...etc)

Optiarc Blu-Ray reader, slim format, slot-in system.

AMD Phenom 9350E Quad Core processor, low energy(TDP 65W)

4 Go @ 800Mhz Crucial So-Dimm DDR2 memory

2 Western Digital Black Scorpio 320Go sata 2 hard disks drives in RAID0 array.

Artic Cooling PWM silent fan managed by Speedfan



Done at the end of 2008.


"Eco-lo" computer specifications